Welcome to Kruger Thoner Builders

Kruger-Thoner Builders is solidly built upon years of talent and skill. Kent and Steve bring creative vision, flexibility, dedication and top quality craftsmanship to the home-building experiment.

Each with more than 20 years of experience, Kent Kruger and Steve Thoner know exactly what goes into building homes.

“We understand how today’s homeowners want the best quality for the best price possible. Building homes is our heritage and the home building, finishing or remodel project we do for you will become part of your heritage too. It is important to us that you are involved in the entire process. From determining a comfortable price range and creating a floor plan, to listing and selling your existing home, locating the perfect lot and assisting you with financial options. We work with you to help your ideas take shape, with a conscientious eye on quality and cost.”

Be it large or small, or somewhere in-between, all homes receive the same attention to detail and dedication to quality. Kruger-Thoner Builders understands how the home-building relationship goes on, long after the last nail is pounded. Be sure to ask us about our latest remodeling projects too!

Our homes include unique features not standard on your average home; from bull-nosed corners to custom cabinetry at affordable pricing. We also have the convenience of in house plan design, which makes the dream of creating a custom plan a reality.

From the smallest finishing nail in the precision-cut woodwork to the strong beams that support the floors and ceilings, Kruger-Thoner delivers on its promises.